Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Nobody told me this! Glad I found out tho. Please Vote for me:

Mixtape: "Almost Famous" by Black On Black Rhyme (Ill Legit x JR Blac)

A 15-track mixtape masterpiece of music written by two lyrical genius' that answer to the name of Ill Legit & JR Blac, otherwise known as Black On Black Rhyme. This combination of sincere lyricism and authenticity is worthy of being labeled an album and far exceeds the purpose of a mixtape. Featuring production from Denmark Vessey of Crown Nation w/ Quelle Chris, Dario Ecks, Dj Alo, DJ Moppy & more, this is a must-have.

free download:

Cojack feat. Ill Legit "Bassline" Music Video

Cojack and i didnt put too much thought into this. All natural was the concept. Shot Dec. 2nd during a live show we performed at Quenchers Bar, Chicago. Visuals @NICKBRAZINSKY

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Must Be Illy Presents: Thou Shalt Not Sleep vol. 1 free mixtape download

A 16-track tour through the mind of a lyrical beast that answers to the name of Illy; and he brings his squad of verbal monsters along for the ride such as MC Juice, Matlock & ANG 13 to name a few, and features production from Tensei (Ninja Tune) and Denmark Vessey of Crown Nation w/ Quelle Chris and Dj Alo. 'Thou Shalt Not Sleep vol. 1' is merely a glimpse into a raw side of this complex emcee who prefers the insomniac approach to making music and urges the listener to never close their eyes, or ears. love:

The Making Of "Money Makers" + exclusive freestyle footage:

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ill & The Restless Performing At House Of Blues Chicago

September 1st 2011 Wes Restless and I opened the show with "Too Familiar" before i rocked with The Loyal Divide for our debut performance at House Of Blues Chicago. This was the Official Northcoast Music Festival Pre Party.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Too Familiar (Tensei Remix)

Theres nothing like the first kiss... I dont know if you're familiar with the original, but the remix is ridiculous! Thanx to Tensei (Simple X & Midas Wells) and Greg Spero on the keys. The Ill & The Restless will be performing this song at Northcoast Music Festival this sunday at 4pm. Check the original here:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Vid: Ill Legit - Leap Of Faith

I've got a million songs that i need visuals for. Thanx to my dude Matt at Acumental Films i was able to knock one out; 999,999 to go. Thankfully i wasn't arrested in Pilsen hopping over this 6 foot tall fence to get into the backyard of this church cuz i saw a crazy looking skeleton Jesus on this 100 degree ass day. And props to my dude Release for the beat.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ILL LEGIT x LOYAL DIVIDE At House Of Blues Chicago!

Just when i thought things were as good as they could get, i received a call to perform at the famous HOB in Chicago. Little did i know i would have top billing with my good friends and one of my favorite bands in this city, Loyal Divide, and basically headline the official Pre-North Coast Music Festival event. Needless to say, im happy.

The GENT$ Got That International Flow!

Production duo The Opus (aka Mr. Echo and The Isle of Weight), also known as one-half of Chicago group Rubberoom, are making their DJBooth debut today with International, a globally oriented single that brings on fellow Windy City representatives The Gent$ (Pugs Atmoz, Wes Restless and Ill Legit) to handle the rhyme work. Side Note: We recorded this song damn near 3 years ago. It's still dope, but it was definitely my jam back in 09. Do your ears a favor.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

If I Were You I'd "Hate Me Too"

This is a song i originally wrote and produced in 2006. It has since became one of my most acclaimed songs. I cant seem to stop performing it because it always gets me mad attention and praise. Maybe because the arrangement and genre-mashing elements of the song are ahead of its time, if i must say so myself. This performance is from 2010 when i opened the show directly before K-OS and Hollywood Holt soon followed.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The High Channel Return!

Ill Legit & Drunken Monkeee form The High Channel and have been making music under this name for quite some time now. This particular song produced by Dario Ecks was recorded in 2007, but we literally filmed, edited and put this out yesterday. One-take ish. Less than an hour of filming. We've been diggin' in the vaults for inspiration lately, and on this afternoon we were dying of boredom and were kinda goin crazy from the Chicago heat.

It's Officially Official!

The Ill & The Restless are preparing for their biggest perform thus far. Make sure you brush up on the tunes we're rocking being that this is one of my several groups that i get down with, and you might not know all the material. I know, I know, i got too much music for ya'll to even listen to... Just click on the pic. And spread the word please. Thanx.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Must Be Illy Interview on Vocalo 89.5 fm Chicago

Click on the pic for this interview i did on May 24th, 2011. I'm late on posting it cuz im actually workin on my craft and i rarely break from it. Artists shouldn't have to do much more than their art. right? im just rambing tho, let me stop. But seriously, i know you have to promote yourself but its hard when you have to handle every aspect of this business solo. Anyway, i'm really appreciative of Fyodor and Jesse at Vocalo 89.5 fm for inviting me up to the station. These guys have brilliant taste in music if i must say so myself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ill & The Restless Performing At North Coast Music Festival 2011!

The announcement is official! Finally we made it! All it took was a lil' blood, sweat and tears and what felt like a million years of dedication and hard work. All i wanted was to be put on an legitimate festival and get recognized by my fellow Chicago artists and music fans. Now i got it. Aaaahhh, feels good. Gotta thank Wes Restless for puttin' in the time with me and producing that heat, Pat at Cold Grums Productions for his superb taste in music and lookin' out for us, and everyone that loved or hated. Thank You.

Northcoast Music Festival is going down September 2nd-4th in Union Park, Chicago.
Get Your Tix Here:

2 Drunken Monkeee Songs Produced by Illy + Videos!

This here is my real brother from another mother. He is unlike any artist you or i have ever seen before. He gives a live performance you'll never in your life forget. I've been very fortunate to work closely with him and rock the stage in his presence. Soon the world will recognize what this Tweek Central movement is all about. Take a moment to peek inside the mind of Drunken Monkeee.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Black On Black Rhyme x Devin The Dude A Success!

Apparently we did a good job, says Bianca at Overall it was a fun experience once they got the sound system straight. Me and JR closed the set with "Almost Famous" which has proven to be a crowd favorite. Phillip Morris came with a ton of energy as usual and Devin definitely did the damn thing. It was my first time seeing him perform and he was so damn smooth on stage. He was gliding around and spittin' doing some moonwalk type ish. He's a real mellow dude in person too.  The crowd wasn't exceptionally big but the vibe was right and it was an intimate session that was absolutely worth experiencing. I ran into Andrew Barber from and chatted for a bit and Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids was in the house too. Big Ups to Zack Eastman over at YM! Presents for hookin' the event up.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black On Black Rhyme Open for Devin the Dude Tonight!

Ill Legit & JR Blac (Black On Black Rhyme) will be performing before Devin hits the stage tonight at Reggies Rock Club, Chicago. I know, I know i'm late on the announcement. Blame it on the stuff Devin tends to rap about.

This is what we'll be performing tonight:
Almost Famous (Black On Black Rhyme) by Ill Legit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ill Legit x D2G "Tag Team" (Prod. by Myself)

Free Song Download!

I literally laid these verses down last night, sent it over to D2G, and woke up to the track posted on It wasn't a rude awakening, just an unexpected one. The funny part is, i told 2G it was produced by Myself. He didn't realize i didnt mean me, but a producer named Myself. I had to get that corrected asap. But all is well. Enjoy some real lyricists for a change and check it out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mike Schpitz "The Prize Package Vol. 1" Free Album Download

Much love to Mike Schpitz & for the acknowledgement! Make sure you check out track #9 "Get Lifted" featuring and produced by yours truly. Me and Mike collabed a while ago and in nice to finally see this joint gettin some shine. Theres actually another vaulted track we did this year that also features Add-2, Neak, Slot-A and a few other dope emcees that may or may not see the light of day...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ill Legit & Shawn Kannon Present: Project Mohawke (beats by Hudson Mohawke)

Free Mixtape! 

Ill Legit & Shawn Kannon Present: Project Mohawke 
1. “The Harvest”
2. “Birdshit”
3. “Overnight”
4. “No Common Sense”
5. “Inside Out”
6. “Something New”
All beats by Hudson Mohawke
BIG UPS to for the posting love. Its always appreciated when important blogs recognize dope artists and support them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit Vol. 7

Ok so i finally decided to start posting stuff. I guess i just didn't know what to begin with. But here it is. Vol. 7 of my ongoing mixtape series entitled "The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit". I have 20 volumes of theses mixes all completed just chilling on my mac. I've been sitting on all this music for a minute now, like since 04 till now! And im seriously dedicated to putting it all out... or at least the majority of it. The problem is it takes way too long to upload on the site! Maybe thats cuz im using my neighbor's wi-fi. Or maybe cuz i got 250 songs in total to upload and i got like 180 left to go. Idk who cares. It'll be up there at some point. Stay tuned and check em out. I mean, its free music. How could you go wrong? You dont even have to download the whole thing if you dont want to. You can pick and choose what songs you want. How convenient. 

Side Note: The 1st song on Vol. 7,"Hate Me Too", was recorded in 2007.  So that gives you an idea of what era we're in on this mixtape. I'd say i was ahead of my time too, cuz cats are just catching up to me and my concepts...