Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit Vol. 7

Ok so i finally decided to start posting stuff. I guess i just didn't know what to begin with. But here it is. Vol. 7 of my ongoing mixtape series entitled "The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit". I have 20 volumes of theses mixes all completed just chilling on my mac. I've been sitting on all this music for a minute now, like since 04 till now! And im seriously dedicated to putting it all out... or at least the majority of it. The problem is it takes way too long to upload on the site! Maybe thats cuz im using my neighbor's wi-fi. Or maybe cuz i got 250 songs in total to upload and i got like 180 left to go. Idk who cares. It'll be up there at some point. Stay tuned and check em out. I mean, its free music. How could you go wrong? You dont even have to download the whole thing if you dont want to. You can pick and choose what songs you want. How convenient. 

Side Note: The 1st song on Vol. 7,"Hate Me Too", was recorded in 2007.  So that gives you an idea of what era we're in on this mixtape. I'd say i was ahead of my time too, cuz cats are just catching up to me and my concepts...