Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ill & The Restless Performing At North Coast Music Festival 2011!

The announcement is official! Finally we made it! All it took was a lil' blood, sweat and tears and what felt like a million years of dedication and hard work. All i wanted was to be put on an legitimate festival and get recognized by my fellow Chicago artists and music fans. Now i got it. Aaaahhh, feels good. Gotta thank Wes Restless for puttin' in the time with me and producing that heat, Pat at Cold Grums Productions for his superb taste in music and lookin' out for us, and everyone that loved or hated. Thank You.

Northcoast Music Festival is going down September 2nd-4th in Union Park, Chicago.
Get Your Tix Here: http://www.clubtix.com/north-coast-music-festival---3-day-pass-tickets-42774

2 Drunken Monkeee Songs Produced by Illy + Videos!

This here is my real brother from another mother. He is unlike any artist you or i have ever seen before. He gives a live performance you'll never in your life forget. I've been very fortunate to work closely with him and rock the stage in his presence. Soon the world will recognize what this Tweek Central movement is all about. Take a moment to peek inside the mind of Drunken Monkeee.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Black On Black Rhyme x Devin The Dude A Success!

Apparently we did a good job, says Bianca at TheHipHopDemocrat.com. Overall it was a fun experience once they got the sound system straight. Me and JR closed the set with "Almost Famous" which has proven to be a crowd favorite. Phillip Morris came with a ton of energy as usual and Devin definitely did the damn thing. It was my first time seeing him perform and he was so damn smooth on stage. He was gliding around and spittin' doing some moonwalk type ish. He's a real mellow dude in person too.  The crowd wasn't exceptionally big but the vibe was right and it was an intimate session that was absolutely worth experiencing. I ran into Andrew Barber from FakeShoreDrive.com and chatted for a bit and Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids was in the house too. Big Ups to Zack Eastman over at YM! Presents for hookin' the event up.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black On Black Rhyme Open for Devin the Dude Tonight!

Ill Legit & JR Blac (Black On Black Rhyme) will be performing before Devin hits the stage tonight at Reggies Rock Club, Chicago. I know, I know i'm late on the announcement. Blame it on the stuff Devin tends to rap about.

This is what we'll be performing tonight:
Almost Famous (Black On Black Rhyme) by Ill Legit