In this current age of Hip Hop where the early principles of culture don't always seem to apply in exchange for mass appeal, Ill Legit sticks to the script, delivers unmistakable flows, and prefers quality over quantity, as his extensive body of work manages to provide an overabundance of both. With a sound that is distinctively fresh and progressive, yet vintage, and a remarkable ability to lyrically "ride" diverse rhythms with ease, Illy is more than a just breath of fresh air. He is a breath of life invading a culture many claim is long forgotten.

One of the most relatable people on hip-hop's agenda, Ill Legit is determined to make an impact off his unparalleled beats and passionate lyrics. He is well known by his ultra-live performances and his unique sophisticated taste in music production. An experienced musician utilizing all music arenas ranging from bass and acoustic to percussion, Ill Legit has been writing music since 1996.

Originating from a predominantly instrumental songwriting background, Illy's Hip Hop lyricism and production began in 2002 upon his arrival to Chicago, where he attended Columbia College and earned a Bachelor of Degree in arts, entertainment, and media management. Upon graduating from college, Ill Legit has performed along side artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Robin Thicke, Black Milk, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, Redman & Method Man, Ice Cube, Sadat X and the legendary Buddy Guy.